About Us


Les Chocolats Vadeboncoeur Inc was founded in 1985 by Angèle and Louis Vadeboncoeur. The couple launched the company in a small 2000 square-feet facility on Belanger Street, in the East end of Montreal. The company grew rapidly and after only 4 years, the premises felt already too small.


Move to a manufacturing facility of 20,000 square feet in the Industrial section of Anjou in Montreal. The company continues to grow and renovates to again expand its premises to a production area of 25,000 square feet and a storage area of 75,000 square feet, in the industrial park of the Anjou area.

Spring 2006

The acquisition of a 65,000 square-feet facility and several pieces of new and innovative equipment enable the company to achieve its mission. Innovative hollow and solid forms for Easter, as well as fondant filled bite sized chocolates for Halloween, Xmas, Valentine’s and year round items complete its line. We are pleased to be able to offer products made in a peanut, and nut-free environment, and, at the same time, be able to innovate and offer a variety of new products in order to serve the needs of every consumer (children, adolescents, adults or elders).



The Freddo™ brand continues to get noticed not only across Canada, but also gradually in the United States. A geographic expansion strategy is being put forward so that our southern neighbors get a chance to taste the deliciousness of our chocolates. Les chocolats Vadeboncoeur inc. continues to offer a wide variety of products for every time of the year and every occasion. Our mission stays the same: Provide our customers with chocolates of outstanding quality and freshness that everyone can share and enjoy.



Our brand

Your quality commitment

Chocolate, the treat the makes oh so many memories… We buy it during special occasions, anniversaries, parties, for summer campfires with marshmallows… Even during tough times, this is a treat we can afford, and one we look for in order to pamper ourselves in our day to day lives. We’re very proud to bring this kind of treat into a family’s lives.


We have been making peanut and nut free chocolates since 1987, when the increase in the food allergic reactions, especially to peanut and nut based products started to rise. We made it our goal to ensure a safe, peanut and nut free environment to produce our chocolates. All employees, new and old, are regularly educated and made aware of our nut free environment; lunchrooms are also peanut and nut free. We have also made our factory a safer environment in which to work in as a result.


We hope you get a chance to taste our delicious chocolates, we know you’ll like them as much as we do!